Moore Protection explains this complex topic in detail and will answer all your questions. Good handling as well as a correct and sensible selection for everyday life or for home defence are essential. We will also give you important tips and tricks for this, which often go unmentioned.

 How does a pepper spray work?

The active ingredient, also known as oleorisin capsicum (obtained from chilli or paprika), causes a strong pain with subsequent swelling of the mucous membranes. Consequence: The eyelids close immediately and the supposed attacker cannot see anything for 5 to 15 minutes.
In addition, the irritant leads to coughing and shortness of breath, which also severely restricts the attacker's freedom of action.
The use of capsicum also leads to skin irritation, a burning sensation or itching, which can last for 30-45 minutes. At higher doses, this can last for several days.

Situations can arise where the pepper spray or pepper pistol remains ineffective for the time being and the attacker poses a further danger.
These situations are usually found with heavily drunk people, drug addicts or people under adrenaline. The active substance also behaves somewhat differently in each person. Experience has shown that people who are used to very spicy food cope somewhat better with it. However, this is considered a rare exception.

Other gadgets include pepper spray models that detect attackers by means of invisible nano particles that only become visible under UV light. This can help the police to clear up various scenarios more quickly and safely. (Model: Walther ProSecur Home Defense 370ml)

Pepper sprays or pepper pistols should only be used in an emergency situation, such as self-defence or emergency assistance. They should be stored in such a way that children do not have access to this defensive device.
What types of pepper sprays are there?

  • Liquid jet
  • Pepper gel
  • Pepper mist
  • Training devices which are filled with water

These four mentioned variants are among the most common models. The liquid jet can vary from very thin to wedge-shaped< 20-30cm. Pepper gel can best be compared to shaving foam, which sticks quite well. Models with pepper mist, i.e. similar to hair spray, would not be our first choice for self-defence, as with this model there is a very high chance that you will injure yourself. Even a slight headwind would be sufficient for this.

The thinner the jet, the more important the handling.

This can and should definitely be practised with training devices that are filled with water. With these, you can train the range, spray form and handling excellently. Some manufacturers such as TW 1000 or Piexon offer such training sprays.

Depending on the situation, there are sprays ranging from 20 ml Lady, which is ideal for a small handbag, to 400 ml, which is used by the SFO and for home defence. I have also seen pepper sprays with 1.5 kg. Rather the exception.

If you ever get into an emergency situation where you have to use a pepper spray/pepper pistol and you are not 100% and blindly proficient in handling it, it will be too late. In practice, adrenaline and an unfamiliar stress situation are added - unfortunately, this is usually forgotten.

How do I use a pepper spray/pepper pistol correctly?

Here the doctrine is somewhat divergent. In the past, we have used almost all types and models of pepper sprays or pepper pistols both for training purposes and in operational use. The most common models such as the TW1000 Gel, First Defense MK-3, Walther Prosecure Home Defense, Piexon Guardian Angel, Piexon Jet Protector, etc. are all available.

The purchase of non-lethal weapons alone, as they are often called, is by no means sufficient. The correct handling as well as knowledge of the legal basis of the respective country is indispensable.

The legal regulations can differ greatly in other countries. Even in the EU, the acquisition and possession of weapons is regulated very differently.

Handling - what should be considered in any case:

You should know in advance that some models have a safety catch to prevent them from going off unintentionally. These can be secured by a trigger splint, a spring-loaded folding mechanism or a trigger safety to prevent the trigger from being pulled.

You should also shake up a pepper spray briefly immediately before use so that the propellant gas combines with the irritant content and full functionality is thus ensured. In fact, if the pepper spray has not been shaken beforehand and has been sitting on the shelf for a long time, the irritant may settle to the bottom and the spray may become unusable or only the propellant gas without the irritant may be ejected.

The range of the most common pepper spray models varies between approx. 1.5 m and approx. 7 m. With pepper pistols, this range is about 1.5 m. Pepper pistols have a range of 4-8 m because they work with a kind of pyrotechnic propulsion. The actual range of use in an emergency situation is between 1.5m-3m.

Whether you use the pepper spray with your index finger or your thumb is up to you. We recommend the index finger, as you usually have more feeling with it.

When using pepper spray or pepper pistols, do not hesitate - aim and full charge towards the face until the means of action is empty.
Whoever hesitates loses!

Choosing the right models:

You should always choose your weapon according to the situation for which you need it. Of course, it makes a difference whether you use it for self-protection in your handbag or jacket pocket, home defence or as an active security officer.

Again, we recommend that you take your time, do your research and, if necessary, take advantage of a consultation with your trusted gun dealer. Find out about training possibilities with training devices. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard.First aid after a pepper spray attack

First Aid after pepper spray attackhere you can find our blogpost!








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