Here´s how the
MOORE PROTECTION team can help:

In the fields of Surveillance & Security, I leverage my comprehensive expertise
to train and mentor professionals. With my extensive experience,
I aim to uphold a qualitatively high standard in terms of
personal development, safety, and protection.

→ Security and guarding trade

→ Emergency medicine / tactical wound care TECC

→ Crisis prevention (blackout, prepping...)

→ Outdoor survival training

→ Exclusive members´area with insider information


As a professional brokerage and recommendation platform for
security services, we work together with international partners.

With our many years of professional and international experience in the security industry, especially in the field of personal protection,
MOORE PROTECTION strives to prepare you in the best possible way for global deployment through targeted training and further education.


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Are you uncertain whether your CV and application truly have the power to impress?



Life-saving first aid for emergency situations



2-Day Outdoor/Survival/Prepper Training with overnight stay in a private bunker facility



Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) is a medical concept specifically designed for law enforcement and security professionals.


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