Tactical Care with TCCC: Specialized Training for Security Professionals

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) is a medical concept specifically designed for law enforcement and security professionals. It focuses on providing tactical care to injured individuals in high-risk situations. Lifesaving immediate measures are conducted while taking into account the current threat level and tactical circumstances.

Against the backdrop of increasing security concerns, the necessity of structured care approaches in such scenarios becomes paramount. This workshop is tailored for security professionals, as well as members of the police, fire department and emergency services, to equip them with specialized skills to adeptly address these challenges.

MOORE PROTECTION delivers instruction in line with the latest Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Trauma Life Support guidelines. Our training draws from proven methods employed by leading military units, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Our instructors bring extensive international security experience and specialized knowledge as tactical MEDICs. With us, you'll gain not only surface-level knowledge but also the ability to discern nuances.

The Workshop imparts both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to ensure each participant acquires the required expertise and develops the capability to act effectively in such scenarios.

Course Content:

In the theoretical segment, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, we will comprehensively elucidate the fundamentals. Here, we place special emphasis on precise alignment of our strategic focal points in the realm of emergency medicine. Our goal is to achieve mission success with utmost effectiveness through this targeted focus. We direct our attention toward recognizing the pivotal aspects that ensure the efficient execution of proposed methods and approaches. Our core objective is the safe extraction of casualties from danger zones, encompassing the planning and execution of evacuation measures, along with a targeted and efficient extraction process.

In the practical segment, the following key aspects will be addressed: 

  • Effective hemorrhage control using Tourniquets & Easy Bandage
  • Proper airway management via Nasopharyngeal Tube insertion 
  • Management of injuries in the thoracic region 
  • Application of hemostatic agents and wound packing for precise hemorrhage control

Course Location: Wherever needed / Preferred in Austria
Course Duration: 2 sessions of 90 minutes 
Each maximum course participants: 10 Course
Language: German
Prerequisites for this Course: none required 
Course Fee: EUR 395.- including VAT (0% VAT) (Note: Exclusive of any potential travel time or hotel accommodation)

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