Moore Protection Mentoring & Trading - Partner Program

2-Day Outdoor/Survival/Prepper Training with overnight stay in a private bunker facility

Acquire fundamental skills to thrive in emergency situations during your time in nature, especially in temperate climates like Central Europe. Our focus is on imparting essential techniques to handle unforeseen incidents during mountain hikes. These skills will aid you in navigating sudden weather changes or injuries that might necessitate an extended period in the field.

A highlight of the two-day training is undoubtedly the opportunity to experience an overnight stay on or in a private bunker facility. This unique experience constitutes a significant part of the training.

Throughout the training, you will learn what truly matters in such challenging situations: preserving warmth, ensuring water supply, orientation, and signaling capabilities. The training provides a secure environment for practicing these skills as part of a group, offering ideal preparation in case you ever find yourself in a serious emergency.

Course Content: 

  • Psychology of Survival & Hazard Recognition
  • Types of Fire and Fire Making
  • Water (Procurement and Purification)
  • Orientation (Determining Directions Improvisationally, with Compass and Map) 
  • Carefully Selected Main and Supplementary Survival Equipment (Survival Kit) 
  • Assembly and Use of Emergency Supplies for Crisis Preparedness 
  • Collaborative Design of a Bug-Out Bag 
  • Exploration and Tactical Utilization of a Bunker Facility in Emergency Situations

The course venue spans an enclosed, approximately 700 m2 former military area under private ownership, presenting a wide range of useful opportunities. Particularly, an well-equipped original on-site bunker facility offers an adventurous environment that holds all necessary elements for both the course and the subject of prepping.

No one will go hungry with us – we'll conclude the evening in the cozy atmosphere of the bunker, sharing experiences together.

Required Equipment: Our aim is to prepare for realistic scenarios where a sudden injury or unexpected weather change can lead to a critical situation. In such moments, only a compact daypack might be available. This equipment is meant to develop the ability to spend a night in the woods.

It's important to emphasize that each participant can train according to their individual needs and goals. Those who wish to focus on minimalistic approaches should carry only the essentials. On the other hand, those who prefer additional provisions and a warmer sleeping bag are free to do so.

Course venue: Lower Austria (exact location and further details will be provided after course registration) 

Course period: March to December

Course schedule: Saturday/Sunday 

Maximum participants: 4 participants 

Prerequisites for training: none required 

Course Fee: £ 255.- including VAT (0% VAT) (includes handouts, overnight stay in a private bunker facility, as well as non-alcoholic beverages & meals that we will prepare together.)

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