No matter what kind of pepper spray is used, it is usually associated with great pain. We explain exactly how you can proceed correctly after a pepper spray attack and which measures really help to bring about rapid pain relief.

 First aid for pepper spray attacks:

In the past, I have often had the pleasure of testing some of the most common pepper sprays as a trainer, in self-testing, or in action.

No matter what kind of pepper spray is used, it is usually associated with a great deal of pain. In order to experience pain relief as quickly as possible, try to rinse your eyes with water as soon as possible. There are eye showers or water sprays for this purpose. Gauze bandages soaked in water can also help to relieve the pain more quickly.

Try to keep your eyes open, even if it is difficult. This is the only way you can achieve quick pain relief with the aforementioned aids.

According to applicable law, you are also obliged to provide first aid to the attacker after successful self-defence or emergency aid. It is advisable to set the rescue chain in motion.

At large events, concerts, etc., a well-trained member of the security or public order staff will hopefully help you or provide first aid until the rescue service takes over.

Experienced security companies should have the right equipment for this in their rucksack or at least in the operations centre on site.

If pepper spray is used in closed rooms, we recommend that you leave them quickly but in an orderly manner so as not to injure other potential participants. In the case of evacuations by specialist personnel, it is also important to remain calm and follow instructions.

First aid options for pepper spray attacks:

  • Eye wash

These are very easy to use. Simply remove the protective cap and carefully pour the liquid into the eye from the side of the nose so that it can run down the side of the eye and not be rinsed into the other eye. This process neutralises the irritants and rinses them out. Repeated on both eyes, this process will bring about rapid relief of discomfort.

Always turn the head in the direction in which the water is flowing, directly away from the body.

  • Spray filled with water (First Aid Spray)

This patented first aid spray has been specially developed for sterile eye and wound cleansing as well as pain relief after the use of pepper sprays or other irritants. Similar to the eye wash, it is just as important here to bend the head downwards in order to turn the head in the direction where the water from the spray flows down. Repeated applications will also bring relief with this method.

  • Gauze bandages soaked in water

This is more of an emergency solution if there is nothing useful to hand. Simply take conventional gauze bandages from the first-aid kit or similar and soak them in cold water (drinking water is an advantage). Proceed in the same way as described for eye wash or first aid spray. The gauze bandages serve as a water reservoir. Prepare several if possible.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you make an appointment with your family doctor or ophthalmologist after such experiences.

Tip for security staff!

It should be part of the respective pre-deployment briefing that you personally convince yourself whether and which rescue aids are available. It is even more promising if the existing team is well trained and properly positioned.








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