Emergency services rely on asking for information in dialogue with patients, relatives or bystanders. The translation app for smartphones in rescue and emergency services helps you as a central link in the rescue chain if the language skills of those involved are no longer sufficient.

The app is currently available for iOs and Android and works excellently. As a paramedic and medic on various missions abroad, I was able to successfully test the app and classify it as an absolute added value!

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aidminutes.rescue (COVID-19)

To download: https://www.aidminutes.com/product-rescue

In a medical emergency, reliable information is vital.

The mobile app "aidminutes" allows all helpers to address more than 250 situation- and symptom-related questions and information to patients and bystanders in many languages and dialects as voice output and text. To be able to make oneself understood and to feel understood gives security. Information and reassurance formulas allow you to de-escalate tense situations caused by language barriers and help you to treat people in distress more safely and quickly. (Link: aidminutes)

Developed for the rescue service!

Rescue services rely on asking for information in dialogue with patients, relatives or bystanders. Rescue.app secures this central link in the rescue chain if the language skills of those involved are no longer sufficient.

The more than 250 questions and information in the rescue.app in various languages and dialects have been developed according to rescue service aspects. They are sorted and categorised according to technical aspects such as urgency but also frequency and can thus be found in seconds.

Questions about patients and information about treatment can also be addressed to third parties, for example parents. Child-friendly formulations, also for age- and gender-specific complaints, are available for use.

The app-supported conversation is recorded anonymously and can also be viewed in a SAMPLER overview with all the patients' answers.
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We take medical communication to a new level

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