Time and again we receive enquiries about how to become a dog handler for a private security company, what training you need and whether it's worth it. I have never worked as a dog handler myself, so I am even more pleased to have my colleague Tatjana Mbeng OBI, an internationally recognised security expert from London, by my side to help me with this blog post.

Dog handlers work with specially trained dogs to detect and prevent crime, find lost or missing people or protect property. Tatjana Mbeng OBI with her dog Ray, a German Shepherd, introduces you to the job of a dog handler in London and her company.

Private Investigation Obi Professionals not only provides the service of a dog handler, but is a fully service-confidential investigation company, i.e. a detective agency, with a wide range of services for the benefit of clients. Private investigation services such as criminal background checks, unsolved crimes, financial investigations, identity theft and surveillance are offered.

At Obi Professional Investigation Services LTD, we proved legal support services and investigations, offering our clients high-quality professional advice and services.

We have investigators with experience and educations in many years. After several years of working in the area of research and problem solving.
As a member at UK Professional Investigation Network and partnership with international investigation agencies. We work with a range of private and government organisations, providing customised protection solutions to meet the specific requirements of each client.

Obi Professional Investigation Services LTD 

..provides legal support, investigation and security services. The company offers its clients high quality professional advice and services and investigators and security officers with high quality training. After several years in the field of research and problem solving, member of the UK Professional Investigation Network, honorary member of the Head of Investigation Section of EBSA (European Bodyguard & Security Alliance).
Winner of the Bark Excellent Awards 2020 (Best Private Investigation Company in Hornchurch) and partnership with international investigative agencies and departments.

INVESTIGATION: More popular Services is person location. It can be missing person or wanted. Our clients is UK Council, solicitors, private clients and international governments organisations. 

SECURITY: We have a database of highly trained Security Officers all over UK. More popular Services in UK it dog unit Services. Our clients are UK Council's and private clients.

What qualifications do you need to be a dog handler in UK?

For become Dog Handler you need have a NASDU Training. The NASDU National Award in Dog Handling Safety Techniques aims to provide the learner with basic skills, knowledge and understanding in the safe handling and care of dogs - the NASDU GP Level 2 course will enable the GP Handler to achieve this.

It would also be suitable for members HM armed Forces, Police Units, Prison Service or Customs Officers who to take on a GP/Tracking Dog Handler role in security industry. (Link:nasdu.co.uk)

Some dogs are specifically traind to detect bombs, firearms and ammunition. Dual purpose dog - Also know as a patrol dog, these are trained and skilled in tracking, handler protection, off-leash obedience, criminal appreshension and article, area & building search.

In which areas of applications are dog-handlers used in private security business?

  • Security Guarding Dogs (street patrol service security can patrol in and your estate, either in a vehicle or by foot patrol.)
    A guard-dog alert their owners of an intruder´s presence ant to scare away the intruder. He is also capable of attacking and/or restraining the intruder.

  • Event Security (preventive measures to protect security staff.)

  • search and rescue dog (are valuable after natural disasters, mass-casualty incidents and for locating missing people.)

  • cadaver detection dog (Also kown as human remains detection dogs, they have been trained to smell death. Specifically, the dogs are trained to smell decomposition, which means they can locate body parts, tissue, blood and bone. They can also detect residue scents, meaning they can tell if a body has been in a place, even if it´s not there any more.)

"If there`s a particular smell out there-illegal, endangered, delicious, destructive, invasive or dangerous-handlers will try to train dogs to find it. The list of smells is lengthening daily."

How much does a dog handler earn UK?

Starting pay rates for new entrant trained Dog Handlers with a private security company in the UK vary, but tend to be in the range of £16,000 to £18,000 a year. Experienced or specialist Dog Handlers would expect to ern up to £30.000 a year or more.

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