Moore Protection offers possible solutions for this crisis.

The term "blackout" stands for an electricity supply failure. A blackout may stretch over a few days, potentially lasting weeks depending on the cause. It could be caused by natural disasters, insufficient network stability, human error, sabotage, cyber-attacks and terrorist attacks.


The term "blackout" stands for an electricity supply failure. A blackout may stretch over a few days, potentially lasting weeks depending on the cause. It could be caused by natural disasters, insufficient network stability, human error, sabotage, cyber-attacks and terrorist attacks.

It can go that fast! This happened to us in May 2019.
Due to a “bureaucratic misunderstanding” after one of our many relocations, we were suddenly without electricity for 36 hours in our apartment in Vienna. Despite endless phone calls, it was not possible to fix this problem earlier. But we were prepared!

The electricity is gone - nothing works anymore!

And already at home, we are limited in the use of everyday things that we wouldn't even notice, such as cooking, lighting, heating and of course, communication is not possible.A power outage lasting several days would turn our everyday lives upside down. Most importantly our drinking water supply works with electricity-driven pumps.

The food supply would be limited, since the cash registers and cooling systems would also remain without electricity. Hospitals, petrol stations and some of the public transport systems would also have great difficulty remaining operational. Of course, there is the option of using emergency power generators. However, these would only be able to supply a limited amount of power to smaller devices.

Here we show you five essential tips to survive this scenario!

Tip 1 - Discuss these scenarios in advance.

It is always worthwhile to discuss such scenarios with your partner or family in advance, perhaps during a leisurely afternoon. Really take 20-30 minutes of your time and create a personal emergency plan together. This plan and our tips will definitely lead you successfully out of any crisis.

Tip 2 - Stock up on groceries, hygiene essentials, medication, etc.

Storage is everything. Our grandparents knew that! This no longer counts as a paranoid attitude. Again and again, we have been taught better in the past, and so we recommend you to stock up on food, hygiene products, medicine, lamps, etc. for at least 2-4 weeks per person for a crisis-proof household. This counts for both rural and urban living spaces.

The water supply should be calculated at around 3 liters per person, as this is also used for cooking and washing. You should include 2 litres of this as drinking water per person. That means approx. 36 liters per person for 2 weeks! This corresponds to 24 bottles of 1.5 litres.

Tip 3 - water filters for drinking and water treatment.

A water filter for drinking water, stored in folding canisters (5-15 litres.) This is an excellent investment.  Supplement the supply with fresh water from a water source such as wells, streams or public water. It is advisable to have extraction points nearby. This water is perfect for things like the toilet. Water filters are ideal for treating dirty water and seawater. These remove 99.99% of all known bacteria, protozoa and all types of particles. Also, it is usually user-friendly and can be used for years with little maintenance. The only problem is that a water filter can reliably filter out everything except viruses. We have tips for that too! (More information can be found in our “Sawyer Outdoor Water Filter” blog). Of course, the water can also be boiled if you don't have a water filter, however, it is advised to sift out any sediments using a piece of cloth, charcoal, moss etc. Note, without power heating the water will require a fuel supply.

Tip 4 - Alternative cooking and heating sources

A crisis-proof household also means that I need an alternative source of cooking and heating. Various camping stoves that run on gas would be an excellent and cost-saving purchase. Make sure that you have enough fuel and, that you have the right gas cartridges or bottles as well as the necessary accessories in stock. Blankets, warming clothing as well as sleeping bags, serve as an alternative heating source by default. Of course, you can alternatively help yourself with gas, oil, petroleum or wood stoves. It is a matter of taste and dependent on the situation. Maybe a candle is enough.

Tip 5 - alternative light source

What comes to mind spontaneously would be various flashlights, candles, gas lamps, kerosene lamps or perhaps an emergency power generator with sufficient fuel. I could also imagine solar panels. Here everyone can let off steam and become a hobbyist. Make sure to stockpile enough batteries, power packs, fuel, etc. Lastly, always remember to store them correctly! 









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