The EDC bag is your constant companion in everyday life. An EDC Bag contains essential equipment to quickly and reliably tackle emergencies. It would help if you equipped your EDC bag with individual items to suit your personal needs; you may also wish to combine items for everyday life as well as for your professional life. Moore protection provides significant assistance with information regarding the use and combination of emergency items.

 What is an EDC bag?

Everyday carry, EDC for short, are items and equipment that you always carry with you, which make everyday life easier for you in case of emergencies or acute problems. These items usually fit in a small backpack, organiser, sling bag or can also be carried on clothing. Each person should take into consideration the allocation of their EDC to provide ease of access. When modifying your EDC, note some items are part of the necessary equipment of most EDC bags.

It usually starts with an annoying question. Where should you put the your everyday phone, wallet, power bank, etc.?

My wife and I each have an EDC bag that is optimally adapted to our every day life. We were perhaps ridiculed by some, but this has already helped us in many  situations. We want to introduce you to our EDC bags, which we have had a multitude of experiences utilising. We have different models of different sizes, which we have pre-packaged for various uses. These should serve as food for thought.

An EDC bag that accompanies you daily routine can be as different in size and shape as everyday life itself. You have to decide for yourself which equipment or which gear is most suitable to make your daily life more comfortable. If you cannot find a way to have this with you at all times, you should try to store your EDC bag as close as possible so that you can access it in case of an emergency.

Moore Protection explains exactly what belongs in a well-designed EDC bag.

Items in our checklist show what should be part of the necessary equipment.

It is also advisable to give yourself a small first-aid kit, which is also part of the necessary equipment. Blister plasters, medication, e.g. against headaches, also some hygiene articles are recommended.

Other useful additions are:

  • Replacement shoelace
  • USB stick with the essential documents
  • Survival kit (fire striker, water filter, etc.)
  • pepper spray, pepper gun,
  • Paracord with carabiners
  • Stick light for emergency lighting
  • Magnet
  • Compass (keep separate from the magnet)
  • Mini-Esbit stove including Esbit or other fuel
  • Extended first aid kit (various quick bandages, Tourniquet ...)
  • Emergency ration, water, tea bags.
  • Cash (notes and coins)
  • Wet wipes, handkerchiefs

There are undoubtedly many other useful items that you can pack in the EDC bag. We have listed the articles here for which most scenarios could be considered. If you can think of an essential and useful thing, please let us know and send us an inquiry.

As you can see from our pictures, we mostly use a shoulder bag, which can be converted into a waist bag practically and quickly. With the Molle system, you also have many options for additional bags or pouches. We have this version in different colours and we particularly like the comfort it provides. This model can also be strapped onto larger backpacks via the Molle system. It is inconspicuous in everyday life and yet with many compartments providing ample storage. You even have plenty of space for various patches. Top price/performance recommendation from us !

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