In between the many exciting blogposts, we would also like to present you with short product presentations in the future. Of course in the usual quality with possible case studies. These are exclusively articles that we have tested and used ourselves, that we have had good experience with and that have a good price/performance ratio.


Product presentation: Door Jammer - small-scale burglary protection

The Door Jammer, a tactical door stop, is considered a reliable and absolutely contemporary security tool of our time. It offers the simplest and most efficient way to protect your privacy, to guarantee this in terms of security with little effort and to ensure that unauthorised and violent intruders are denied access to your house, flat or hotel room.

Secure your doors with the Door Jammer - quickly and easily!

Due to its discreet and compact appearance, it is also particularly suitable for travellers (e.g. for hotel rooms, apartments, Airbnb or student dormitories etc.) to increase your own sense of security.

The door stop is simply positioned on the inside of the door and screwed tight. Note that the screw foot is in a vertical position when it is screwed down - this also increases the chance that it will not move. If pressure is applied from the outside of the blocked door, such as during a break-in attempt, the screw foot of the Door Jammer presses downwards and lifts the door upwards. The more pressure - the more powerful the clamping force of the door jammer, which causes between the lower edge of the door and the floor. It is almost impossible to open this door from the outside.
Nevertheless, in an emergency situation, the Door Jammer can be easily removed from the inside by loosening the screw base and pulling the device out from under the door.

Well positioned, the Door Jammer, combined with other security aids, can of course also provide tactical and preventive protection for the home defence of one's own four walls.
home defence of your own four walls. We would like to provide you with some assistance in this regard.

Making your own walls storm-proof with useful tools and training.

What may seem paranoid to some people has often proven to be positive in reality. Who thinks of terms like panic room, safe room or home defence in normal everyday life? Mostly, these trains of thought come when it is already too late and something terrible has already happened. We will show you which options and emergency measures are sensible and, above all, feasible for everyone.

In larger flats or houses, it makes sense to set up a panic or safe room that can be used as a place of retreat in an emergency situation (e.g. in the event of a burglary, etc.). This should be equipped with security aids such as: Mobile phone,
Door Jammer, pepper gun as well as first aid equipment, fire extinguisher/blanket, torch as well as a small amount of drinking water bottles in order to withstand a supposed siege of violent intruders until the rescue forces arrive. This emergency equipment can be stored in a neutral bag or in a tactical container, e.g. in the form of an alarm case, ready to hand.

However, the best tools are of little help if you do not communicate it to and with your family or partner or train the applications.

It is also worthwhile to position additional door jammers in other neuralgic rooms (e.g. basement exits, bedrooms, hallways, etc.) or to store them ready for use in order not to make it too easy for an unannounced intruder. Of course, you will not use this every day, but you can fall back on it immediately in an emergency situation.

We use the Door Jammer for all our hotel stays and activities abroad and it makes us feel safer too!

A very inexpensive solution and, used correctly, an absolutely effective aid, provided the blocked door is of a better standard. Certainly not uninteresting for working in the security industry.

We will explain the delicate topic of home defence on an ongoing basis in a separate blog post shortly.

Technical data:
Lightweight and portable (215 g)
Suitable for all surfaces
Dimensions: 12 cm high, 6.5 cm wide
with safety function
Top price/performance








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