In keeping with the times, we devote ourselves to the current topic of crisis preparedness and a possible impending blackout scenario. Gas cartridges have long since become part of more than just camping or mountaineering. The practical cartridges have become very well established over the years, are inexpensive and can make our lives easier in many situations. They can be found, for example, as fuel containers for the gas cooker we know, which is available in many sizes and designs. Gas lamps can also be operated with them. They can be found in almost every household, as they provide a crisis-proof and alternative source of cooking and heating.

There are still many unanswered questions about the correct handling of the so-called gas cartridge. MOORE PROTECTION explains the most important rules for proper handling.

Essentially, gas cartridges are distinguished by the connection with which the cooker, heater or lamp is attached. The first step is to find out which gas cartridge you need for which connection devices.

We would like to introduce you to the following three connection types that are important for us:

The piercing cartridge

- is the most common type of cartridge and is ideal for camping adventures or crisis preparedness. The cartridge does not have a valve and is pierced by the application device (cooker, etc.) using a mandrel. Make sure that the end device is not switched on. Done - now the end device operated with the gas cartridge is ready for use without any problems.
Before you remove the cartridge attachment, you must empty the piercing cartridge completely.

Some modern lancing cartridges are now equipped with a gas lock system in accordance with the European standard EN 417:2012. This standard applies specifically to non-refillable gas containers made of metal. According to the standard, lancing cartridges must also be equipped with a device that prevents uncontrolled gas leakage. This increases safety when using puncture cartridges, even if you accidentally remove the cooker. This version is the cheapest and is available almost everywhere in the world. (Source: Gas Lock System:

The screw-in cartridge

- is the right choice for all frequent hikers, mountaineers and campers, as the screw-in cartridge is screwed onto the end device by means of a thread. The advantage here is the self-closing valve, which allows the cartridge to be unscrewed safely at any time without having to empty it first. Thus, no gas can escape unnoticed. This is an ideal feature for all those who are only in one place for a short time and want to use and transport the cartridge several times. The screw cap allows quick and safe assembly and disassembly and is flexible in its use.

Disadvantage: The flexible screw-in cartridges are more expensive to buy than the puncture cartridges and are not refillable.

The bayonet cartridge

- which is also called "valve cartridge" or "Easy-Click-System" by the brand manufacturer Campinggaz, is rarely found in Austria or Germany. It is attached to the cooking attachment by means of a bayonet lock and fastened with a kind of lever by means of a rotary movement. As with the screw-in cartridge, it can be disconnected from the end device at any time, as the bayonet cartridge also has a protective valve. It is also very suitable for adventurers, preppers or camping.

Tip: Adapter attachments enable the use of attachments on screw-in or bayonet cartridges. They are offered by many manufacturers.

Caution: Often cartridges and attachments from different manufacturers cannot be combined due to manufacturing differences. In some cases, the safe use of gas cartridges with attachments from other manufacturers is not guaranteed, so you should inform yourself about your appliance in a specialist shop before buying it.

How long can one gas cartridge last?

As always, the size and actual consumption determine the burning time of the cartridge. As a case study: a cartridge with 230 grams of gas, at full power, lasts about three to four minutes. Equivalent to about the time it takes 1 litre of water to boil completely.

The mixture makes the difference:

Gas mixtures with a high proportion of propane or isobutane can be ignited easily even at lower temperatures and are therefore suitable for extreme alpine tours. At temperatures below -20°C, however, the ignition of gases generally becomes difficult.

Difference between gas cartridge C200 and C206

Besides the colour (C200 is red, C206 is blue), the gas composition is different. C200 contains 70% butane and 30% propane (the same as the model number C206 D super), while C206 contains 80% butane and 20% propane. This makes the C200 gas cartridge more suitable for use at low temperatures. (Source:

Can it be stored outside in a garden shed?

You can easily store gas cartridges or cylinders outside in winter without the risk of liquid gas freezing. The freezing point of butane gas is minus 135 degrees Celsius, that of propane gas even minus 187 degrees Celsius.

Ventilation is important!

Gas cartridges should always be stored in well-ventilated rooms, away from any sources of fire. Cool, dark rooms are best for this. However, make sure that your cartridges do not oxidise or show any other damage. Gas cartridges and cylinders should not be stored below ground level.

Colourless, odourless and dangerous

The cartridges contain a mixture of butane and propane, the gas cylinders usually contain pure propane. Both gases are colourless and odourless, so it is hardly noticeable (without technical aids) when gas escapes from the containers. However, it is very rare for gas to escape uncontrollably. Nevertheless, you should always connect the cartridge or gas bottle exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions.
There is not only a risk of explosion, but also of poisoning!

Is there a shelf life for gas cartridges?

In principle, gas cartridges have an unlimited shelf life, as the gas itself is not subject to any decomposition process. Here, too, correct storage is crucial. Gas cartridges should ideally be stored in a cool, dry, dark and well-ventilated room, as far away as possible from all sources of ignition, heavy current installations (e.g. fuse boxes), oxidising chemicals and easily flammable material.

Dispose of gas cartridges correctly

Empty gas cartridges belong to the group of metal packaging and consist mainly of ferrous metals- is reused and added to the recycling process for reprocessing.
Please make sure that it only works when it is completely empty. Depending on the variant - this is not so easy.
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